Christine Bailey, leading nutritional expert, chef and author tells us all about superfoods, how to take them and which particular superfoods she finds the most effective.

I decided to do the juice diet to kickstart losing a few post Christmas pounds as well as getting my energy and motivation levels back up where I wanted to be. Previously , although I exercised a lot, I couldn't shift those stubborn pounds. Within a week I had lost 4lbs and felt energised and leaner. My friends and family commented how great I looked - which is always a bonus. I didn't have a juicer but was able to adapt the recipes so made smoothies instead, which suited me well as they kept me fuller for longer and I wasn't tempted to snack on 'naughties' or reach for the wine bottle in the fridge. Surprisingly the green smoothies became a firm favourite (with the whole family) and although I am only juicing / smoothing once a day now - it is a ritual I can't get out of and spinach, kale and celery always feature on my shopping list.

Caroline Chilton Bates

Thank You Christine for your wonderful paleo banana bread recipe. I made a loaf yesterday and wow, it was so easy too. I shared it with my > athletes and only just managed to get a slice for myself.. Thanks!

Roz Kadir

Christmas raw food will be the envy of my carnivore family members this year, thanks to Christine's wonderful selection of easy, nutritious and delicious recipes. Her demonstration surpassed expectations - so informative and so inspiring. Thank you!

Christine Lock

I am so pleased that I came to see you as you have changed my life for the better in many ways and I am highly appreciative. I am recommending you to everybody I feel would be helped by your diet. When my old friends see me and how I look they are suddenly asking what it is I am doing to achieve the results!

Priscilla Daniels

Just a note to say how 'brilliant' your course was on Saturday. You additional 'tips' outside of cooking just made it even better. I would not hesitate to recommend to colleagues all of your work and as mentioned on Saturday, my clients just love your Functional Nutrition recipes.

Rachel Helmn

Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative day. It's great to be able to eat all day, still feel virtuous in spite of chocolate mousse and 'cheesecake', and come away inspired to create in my own kitchen.

Sophia Rauf

Just wanted to say thank you for a really informative sports nutrition day on Sunday. I already have tried some recipes on my husband and children and they have been a hit so far, (even with my fussy 2 year old!!) especially the smoothies.... I intend to book up the cookery days with Nutri-Link so will look forward to seeing you again soon and getting some more meal ideas and look forward to hearing when the next parent and children workshop will take place!

Rachel Jessey

Joseph's continued with his gluten free diet and the eczema on his body and face has completely gone. He never had it badly on these areas but at his worst, he certainly had a lot of dry patches. He still has the patch on his left hand - the original culprit so to speak but some days it looks great. Thank you

Natasha Woolhouse

Dear Christine I attended your store tour in Wokingham in April and I thought it was brilliant. I wanted to thank you so much, it was the most helpful info and event that I have experienced so far since Freya's diagnosis.

Juliet Saunders

Thank you for the most wonderful and inspiring cookery day on Saturday as well as the most delicious food and your expert advice. You have been a true inspiration to me and somebody I've admired for many years now. It was such a privilege to spend this quality time with you.

Akcelina Cvijetic

Christine – thanks for a fantastic cookery day – well worth the 5am start and trip down from York. It’s great to get such practical CPD and you’ve got a great teaching style – full of enthusiasm, warmth and very clear – all round brilliant!

Tracy Land

I just wanted to thank you for a really excellent cookery day. I think you are a genius, and I don't know how it is possible to combine so many difficult topics and make them look easy peasy. Loved the food and feel inspired all over again.

Martina Watts

Was a great day, informative and inspiring. Being an absolute foodie I have to say the dishes Christine prepared were delicious! So much so that I went home and made 2 of the dishes that evening. I look forward to adding these recipes to my 'arsenal of recipes' to help inspire my clients into a new way of eating by showing that nutritious food can be tasty and easy to prepare. The Cookery day was excellent value for money and I look forward to attending the upcoming days.


I attended the Mitochondrial and Fatigue cookery day, and have been excited to find such good quality nutrition being so easily applied in practice. The cookery day has given me loads of inspiration and I have already attempted the sweet potato Brownies, cause they are, just that easy! Nutrition is quite an involved science and Christine you have made it practical and easy to apply. I also never bake, but I've just begun! Thank you.


Thank You Christine - I love your Raw Food Book - the best I have come across!!

Joan Lewis

After attending your inspirational Raw Food day recently I have been eating raw for two meals a day, and included some superfoods (Maca, Cacao and barley grass powder) into my diet every day. I'm training for a marathon at the moment, and since making these changes my strength in endurance runs seems to have gone up dramatically, and I am also running faster in 10K training sessions. It's brilliant! Thank you so much

Alex Portwine

Dear Christine I just want to thank you for such an interesting, inspiring and information-packed day on Sunday. Alex and I were so impressed by all that you told us - and by the wonderful titbits throughout the day. We are both fired with enthusiasm, thanks to your demonstration.

Christine Lock

I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for the workshop yesterday. It was excellent and gave me loads of “food for thought”. This morning I had the Pina Colada Green Smoothie before my bikram yoga class and for lunch I had the Mango and Tomato Gazpacho. Can’t wait to make the cheesecake and dearly want to make the flax crackers and chocolate flavoured Kale crisps. They were soooooooo delicious.

Lorna Matty

Thank you for the fantastic raw food day - my favourite day so far. I loved it so much.I've also finished reading your Raw Food Diet Book! It is very good, so much information. I'm looking forward to the next cookery day in February.

Farhana Choudhury

I found the Gluten and Dairy free course both inspirational and informative. Although I am not coeliac nor dairy intolerant, I am always looking for new tasty and interesting healthy and nutritious meals. This course offered both and have already experimented on my friends, all of whom want copies of the recipes. The roasted plums were a big hit and my Christmas pudding is marinating as I write!


Thank you so much for a most stimulating food demonstration/cooking lecture. My wife can't believe it...I got up on Sunday morning, went shopping and made all kinds of recipes that you showed us! Thanks again.

Mark Bennett

Dear Christine I left my consultation with you feeling positive and smiled all the way in the rain to the station. I have never been in a consultation like the one I had with you and am so grateful. It was so nice to get well rounded advice and clear instructions and explanations. Thank you!

Farhana, Essex

My 6 year old son lost 10lbs in 10 days, was suffering stomach and joint pain together with a loss of energy and difficulty in sleeping. Christine provided nutritional guidance and wonderful support through this incredibly challenging time and was instrumental in identifying and treating the underlying causes. Thanks to Christine, my son has now regained and maintained his weight loss, is in good health and is full of energy. Thank you Christine, I truly don't know what we would have done without you and I would recommend you to others, unreservedly.

Zahra, Reading

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today on Healthy and Happy Kids. It was so inspiring and it has been great to pick up some tips..... I was taking as many notes as I could so I can try and put this into practice and identify what are the real needs for each of my children. Thank You

Meena, Canary Wharf

Thank you for a great session at our offices on Growing Healthy Children. I found it to be so useful for a new parent and even now (as I am pouring over your slides to refresh the information) as an 'experienced' (term used very loosely) parent. My kids are ok eaters but I have been able to integrate alot of your suggestions from the session and in your book: Top 100 recipes for Brainy Kids into our daily routine. Your recipe for the Coconut Mango Cake being the most popular in our home (with the kiddies and daddy too!).


Dear Christine I would like to say thank you very much for the talk you gave us yesterday on Healthy Kids, Happy Kids – I found it incredibly interesting as well as invaluable!

Karen, Goldman Sachs

Thank you so much for your presentation today. It was precise and very informative. I have really enjoyed it.

Taya, Deloitte, London

Thank you for a really motivational course on Sunday 'Cooking for Coeliacs'. It was great being able to see and taste recipes that actually work. I now have a long list of things I want to buy!

James, Reading

After attending your FAB cooking day on Nov. 6th (specific carbohydrate diet) I got started with some new things for Joe. He loves the red pepper dip which I have used as a sauce as he can't have tomatoes and really likes the Cranberry loaf. Other successes are: the healthy ice cream, sticky chicken dish and the coconut chicken. I am now even getting loads of green leafy veg in him through the smoothies including the wheatgrass! Thank you again.

Dawn, Specific Carbohydrate Diet Cookery Day

Thank you for a fantastic course Christine. I am so impressed that you were able to educate us, deal with questions from all directions and manage to cook delicious offering after delicious offering. We got so much out of it. Your energy is amazing. I could not have learned what I learned any other way.

Lorraine Jenkins, Founder and Director of Strategy, Wildfire PR

Dear Christine, It was indeed a privilege to be present last week at your valued seminar on Growing Healthy Children at Barclays Wealth. I valued your advice on nutrition and the best foods to feed my toddler for his development. I learnt more than you can imagine! I hope you are able to visit many companies to share your invaluable knowledge because as busy working mothers we never tend to think of how much calories, carbohydrates and sugar is in a child's meal. With much appreciation.

Sashi, Barclays Wealth

Dear Christine. I just wanted to thank you for such an informative seminar at our Corporate offices today. I will certainly be putting some of your knowledge to the test with my twins! It was also very helpful to see some of the products that you had with you (and it was reassuring to see that some of the snacks that you associated as "healthy", my children were already eating!). Thank you and I will be logging on to buy your Top 100 Recipes for Brainy kids.


I honestly can say that you are brilliant!!. Following your seminar I've been using one of the supplements and all your information you mentioned on my daughter and must say, I can't recommend you and the supplement enough!! A BIG thanks to you.


Thank you for turning my son’s health around My 4 year old son (Oscar) was a happy boy but often seemed to catch viruses and colds causing him to miss pre-school and other activities.  He was hospitalised several times with croup during the winter months.Within weeks of your assessment and his starting your nutritional plan, his health was improving.  His digestion and sleep pattern improved and he was a lot happier. Now friends and family comment on how well he looks and how much he has grown.  He is happy, fit and healthy.  I can't remember the last time he was poorly or missed an activity through illness. I joke that now he is like Robo Boy, with his immunity!  I'm so impressed and pleased with my son's health that I recently had a consultation with Christine myself.

Zahra Colvill

Christine’s nutritional advice has helped me enormously in achieving my two sport goals this year: finishing the New York marathon while training and preparing for a Muay Thai fight. I train hard between 14 and 20 hours a week. Good nutrition is essential to be able to train hard and keep my energy levels high as well as improving muscle recovery time. Christine not only helps me in my different targets but also in my lifestyle, I now eat better food, can easily control my weight and my energy levels are fantastic throughout the day.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for the advice that you gave me last month at the Corporate Lecture on Children’s Health regarding my son. Since that meeting five weeks ago we have seen a big change in Freddie’s eating habits which has been so encouraging to see.  He has gone from seemingly having no desire to eat and no appetite to telling us now when he is hungry and actually looking as though he is enjoying the food that he is eating. We even managed to get him to eat a very small amount of fish today which was an incredible achievement!  He has not eaten fish in over 18 months!. Thank you so much again.

Sarah, Goldman Sachs

Christine has a great empathy with clients, listening carefully and responding to people’s individual needs and goals. Working with Christine has enabled me to lose over 1 ½ stone within 1 month and a massive increase in muscle mass and energy levels. I am now much more focused at work and home

Paul, 37 years

Working with Christine has been a revelation – my diet is full of healthy, delicious foods and yet I can still lose weight!! I have more energy, more muscle, less fat and can honestly say I feel years younger. I am now preparing for my first marathon – at 55 years old that is not bad!

Tess Gallagher

After following a food plan and supplement programme combined with exercise from Christine I lost 13lb and 4.8% body fat in 3 weeks. My markers of cellular health had improved and I was gaining active muscle mass too. I feel fantastic - I no longer have energy dips or sugar cravings and can’t believe how well I now sleep


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